Our approach to Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine art photography is like a great poem, it’s a feast of thoughts and reflections that reminds us to live extraordinary lives. The touch of your grandfathers hand. The deepest truth in your lover’s eyes. A silent gasp from your best friend. Uncontrollable laughter. Dancing barefoot. Sketches of red, pink, and blue across the sky. As artists during your engagement and wedding we are there to be your visual storytellers. Our approach is pure: to celebrate the love between you. We know that our best images come when we are moved while working with you. We will build trust with you by getting to know you and want to communicate with you like we do with our friends. We invite you to fall in love all over again. With this approach we find beautiful spaces to capture your story with our creative composition and lighting expertise.

11-21-2015: Courtney & Brian

Hi Tree and Jos (and all of your team)

The preview is truly gorgeous. We are beaming with gratitude that we got to have you with us for such an incredible experience. We LOVE the photos and we LOVED getting to share this with you. Our family has been with us all week. All of us spent time each day sharing about the weekend.  We sat around looking at your photos at our big Thanksgiving gathering.  We smiled at each dramatic and fantastic image. We are over the moon and have so much love for you guys! Thank you!!!!

Bride flying and laughing over groom during first dance

9-27-2014: Faye & David

Thank you for being part of making our wedding day as special as it was. We simply can’t imagine it without you now, it felt like we had found lovely new friends who just happened to be taking amazingly artistic photos. It felt so natural that you were there. Thank you for making us so comfortable, for all that you did on top of everything: helping with chairs, organizing, putting nice music on to create a lovely mood, offering advice and everything in between! You made us feel so blessed on the day and as we look back on it and in general we both feel blessed most of all to have made such great friends, and to have shared one of the most significant days of our lives with you felt so natural. Than you for the art, the laughs, the help, the advice and the care. Here’s to more fun times ahead!

JOS studios - Normandie Wedding Photographer - France - Chateau 73

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9-13-2014: Shannon & Kiernan

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into our wedding photos. We are so grateful and happy with the way they turned out. Gorgeous and unique! It was such a pleasure to have you in Italy with us, we know everyone really enjoyed meeting the two of you! You guys make a great team!

Villa Tre Grazie Wedding - Todi - Italy

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7-27-2014: Mark & David

“Jos Studios is awesome. Jos is an artist – a visionary and stubbornly meticulous. The pictures so beautifully capture the events of the day.”


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7-5-2014: Amber & Brian

“It was worth the wait. We are blown away by the quantity and quality of the photos! We’ve viewed them 3-4 times and keep finding new ones we love. Thank you so much for you dedication, we are so grateful.”

JOS studios - Portland Wedding Photographer -36

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8-9-2014 Sahar & Benny

You guys are amazing!!! I honestly love every picture and relive the moments every time I look at the beautiful shots you guys took of the best day ever for us!!


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5-24-2014: Jill & Jason

Jos & Tree… Thank you so much for capturing our wedding so beautifully. The photos are absolutely stunning and we are so grateful to have had you there. It made the whole day such an awesome experience. Please come visit us in Australia some time! You will always have a place to crash and a pair of location scouts at your disposal!

JOS_studios_Portland_Wedding_Photographer_Paris_1154-17-2014: Heather & Jeff

I want to extend a sincere thank you not only for being amazing photographers (I already knew the photos you delivered would be other worldly!) but for being such thoughtful people.  From the words of advice you gave us in the planning session to day of care.  Tree – your advice on holding the bouquet so that it isn’t up my nose:) to caring about me wearing my jacket when Jos was really determined to get a shot 😀 (btw I wish I had worn that jacket less now that I see how lovely the dress looked!).  Jos – having Jeff & I stand on that beam in Timberline nose to nose and to have us repeat the “I fell in love with you because” brought out so much love.  This specific moment is one of the best I’ve felt in my entire life.  I can’t thank you enough for giving us that.  That photo where you see the entire room and we’re just 2 shadows in the window.. it brings it all back.  In fact I’m getting tears in my eyes right now as I type this!  It was so meaningful for you to give us that experience.  You two are much more than just amazing artists.  I can’t speak highly enough of what you gave us!  And those photos will be passed on for generations.  Thank you for doing what you do and I hope we can work with you again someday down the road.

JOS studios -0683

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6-15-2013: Taylor + Daniel

There was never a question about what beautiful artistry you were capable of, but getting to see our magical day captured with such perfection is a gift I will treasure always. Not a single person who has seen your shots has not commented on how they are the best wedding shots they have ever seen, and I couldn’t agree more. You were so wonderful to work with, both Daniel and I loved seeing your passion for your art and your work. We were honored to have you be a part of that day, and are full of gratitude for the continuing gift of these images…and I am speaking only of the first wave I have seen! So thanks again, you are lovely and captured the magic of those moments so beautifully!!!!


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3-1-2013: Kristen + Dave Arment

The customer service and the amount of attention that Jos gave us was incredible, and the pictures were even more amazing. We mention the customer service first because we were taken back by how much Jos made us his friend rather than a customer and on a day like our wedding having an extra helping hand made a world of difference. Our guests took one look at Jos and Tree and said “those are some real professionals, where did you find them?” The pictures that he took are unlike any wedding photos we have seen; equally unique and creative, as they are spectacular. Jos and Tree are just as wonderful and amazing as the photos they take. While planning our wedding we were told that a good photographer was probably the most important thing. We made the right choice, they were absolutely the best! We wouldn’t have traded them for anyone, and were blessed to have them there.

JOS photographers__0982

3-2-2013: Tracy + Chris Luque

From the day we got engaged, I KNEW I wanted JOS to shoot our wedding! From our planning meetings, to our Lifestyle session, to the Big Day, (and about a million emails to them in between), they were both so passionate about their craft, and an absolute pleasure to work with. We just received our wedding portfolio and couldn’t be happier! These moments were captured beautifully and thoughtfully…we are so grateful for the talent of Jos + Tree.

JOS photographers__0921

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5-8-2012: Chandra Pomes (Timberline Lodge Wedding Planner)

I love, love, love it JOS.  You are so amazing!

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3-18-2012: Monica Osborne + Jay Karas

“Choosing JOS Photographers to document our wedding day was the best wedding-related decision we made. Jay (my now husband) and I both tend to be very critical when it comes to artistic and visually-related projects, and so choosing our photographer was a very serious decision. Like all of the other reviewers here suggest, Jos and Tree’s work is not only flawless and impeccable, but also brilliant, beautiful, and engaging. They have an extremely unique talent for capturing and communicating all of the “right” moments–and the result is a collection of wedding photos that are compelling in so many ways, not to mention unique. Our family and friends who have seen the photos so far have all said the same thing: “These are the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen,” and “I’ve never seen anything like this.” We wanted photos that were real, but we also wanted photos that were a cut above even the best photos–and that’s what we got. There’s also something to be said about feeling 100% confident that your photographer is going to rock it–that’s how we felt with Jos and Tree from the very beginning. And they’re also super cool people who are insightful and interesting (and they have a great look, too!). We love them.”

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9-18-2012: Sasha+Jahan

Jos’ work is nothing short of amazing. He has a great approach to the process, and makes you feel like a million bucks while he’s shooting (for someone who hates to have her photo taken, this was key.) We trusted in his vision for the various shots; he kept things going smoothly and got us through the post-ceremony family photos quickly. There were so many stunning shots from the day that four months later, I still can’t decide which is my favorite. I can’t say enough that this was some of the best money we spent on the wedding. He was also very flexible with our budget. Both my family as well as my husband’s family were absolutely ecstatic over the photos. To me, this is one of the most, if not the most, important decisions to make in the wedding planning process, and I don’t have even a shadow of regret that we went with Jos. He is amazing!

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12-27-2012: Lisa+Mike

“We loved working with JOS and Tre. They spent time with us in advance of our wedding so they understood what was important to us. We got married at Silcox Hut on top of Mt. Hood, which is only accessible by snow cat at the end of December and we wanted pictures of the venue, the Mt and the vistas in addition to pictures of out wedding, family and friends. They arrived on time and they worked tirelessly to the end of our event. The pictures were far beyond our expectations. They captured all the beautiful moments of our wedding. They were able to get great photos of each of our family and friends. In addition to this we were lucky enough to have clear skies and a full moon with a ring around the moon that night. JOS and Tre took a picture of us at the top of the mountain and managed to capture that beautiful moon and the vista below. The picture made it look like we were floating on a cloud with this stunning full moon high in the sky above us. Their eye for content and their knowledge of their fantastic equipment were phenomenal. Our wedding was magical to us. JOS and Tre captured the magic that was in our hearts on film. Bravo! We would recommend them to anyone, anywhere. Mike and Lisa ”

12-31-2011: Ursula+Kevin

“Jos did an amazing job with our wedding photos! Neither the groom or I are particularly fond of getting our pictures taken, but Jos managed to capture beautiful images of us that look natural. I also felt like while he still took all the traditional photos, he also got some that were very unique. Jos was very friendly and easy to work with throughout and he truly is an artist! I feel so happy that our wedding memories have been captured so beautifully.”

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11-12-2011: Joanna+Michael

JOS provided us with such an incredible experience beginning with our first phone conversation. He went out of his way to be flexible in several different aspects. The wedding day was perfect and we felt that each moment was captured in a way that reflects our personality and best tells the story of our wedding day! We already highly recommend him to friends!

10-29-2011: Gaby+Sam

“From the day I saw your ad on Facebook, to the day I met you through Skype, to the day we met in person, I knew deep in my heart that you were going to be our photographer. I had no doubt that Sam and I were going to absolutely LOVE your pictures. You both are such a beautiful couple and working with you was such an amazing experience. We loved your energy, your smile, your pace, your passion, your attention to detail, EVERYTHING! Thank you so much for capturing with such intensity every single aspect of our BIG day. With Love and Appreciation….”


8-20-2011: Kara+Jeff

“Amazing photographer, amazing person, amazing team! Jos photographers are the absolute best. My husband and I were not only happy with our amazing pictures, but we really appreciated Jos’s professionalism and the fact that he worked so incredibly hard at our lifestyle session and most importantly our wedding. Even our wedding guests were commenting how amazing they thought Jos was! It was truly remarkable, photography is Jos’s passion and it shows through his hard work, creativity, and dedication. I’ve recommended Jos to everyone I know, my husband and I truly believe he is the best at his craft, and it shows in his work.”

6-30-2012: Kara+Dale

“Jos is a wonderful photographer! He first shot my middle sister’s wedding in 2006, then my little sister’s wedding in 2008 and now being the oldest he just shot my wedding on June 30th, 2011. We also have had many more family and friends that used them after seeing how wonderful our picture turned out. The pictures are so amazing they give you chills. My little sister and I also did engagement photos which are another priceless thing to add. Not only because you get fabulous photos in normal clothes to decorate with but you also get to know Jos and Tree better by the time the wedding day comes and they are amazing people as well as photographers. I cant believe how the day has already come and gone, all that planning and its over but the photos will last a lifetime and should be your number one expense over everything else.”



7-08-2011: Jessica + Brian

Whenever we view our wedding pictures, we are completely blown away all over again.  JOS and his team do such amazing work!  Out of all the vendors we booked for our wedding, and many based on the great recommendations we received from Bridal Bliss, JOS stood head and shoulders above the rest.  We are so thankful he was part of our wedding day!  We still recall the feelings we had when we first went to JOS photographers website (I think the intro is the same or at least similar), and said to each other, “wouldn’t it be perfect if we could get Jos to do our wedding.”  And perfect it was.  Thank you for sharing your talents with us, JOS.

3-26-2012: Megan + Aaron

Two and a half years before I got married, I already knew who my photographer would be. I met Jos at a friend’s wedding in Portland, and knew that if I had nothing else at my wedding, Jos would be there. He beautifully captured Ross and Leah’s personalities and love for each other in their lifestyle and wedding photos. I pretty much called him the day after I got engaged. 🙂

When we met with Jos and his fiance and assistant Tree for our lifestyle shoot in Cannon Beach, Oregon, my now husband was a little nervous. He is the typical guy who is not the least bit excited about having his picture taken. By the end of the day though, we were splashing through the water, and Jos used every bit of lighting he had until the sun went down and the very last shot was taken. Aaron and I had a wonderful experience and the photos were amazing.

We flew Jos and Tree down to Palm Springs, CA for the wedding last month, and they helped us tremendously in finding a flight that worked for them and us, and that was also as inexpensive as could be. They really cared about us having the best overall wedding experience, with the least amount of stress possible. Our family and friends instantly loved them, and we were happy to not only have them capture our day, but share our day as our friends as well.

JOS Photographers really made us feel like we were their priority. Even after the wedding, they have worked with us to get us the best photos we could imagine from our wedding day, edited beautifully and in a timely fashion. I look forward to receiving the album in the near future, and would love to work with them again, as well as recommend them to everyone I know.

2-15-2011: Rob + Jessie

My fiance hired Jos to photograph his proposal to me. Jos and his team posed as nature photographers and were able to secretly capture the special moment in all of its beauty. Jos worked with my fiance for many months prior to the proposal, exchanging many emails and calls, Jos became an instrumental part of that special day. The photos were breath-taking, and Jos and Tree were an absolute pleasure to work with. In trying to decipher the long lists of potential wedding vendors, we were certain of one thing: Jos and his team were the only option for photography. Even though we live in Southern California, we did not even consider other photographers. We look forward to working with Jos and his team in June, when they will most certainly capture all of the beauty and emotions of our wedding day.

Really couldn’t have asked for anything more.  The album is such high quality and so beautifully done.  You have captured so many wonderful moments that are so dear to my heart. It is hard to believe that it has almost been a year since that weekend.  The pictures make it seem like yesterday. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

10-2-2010: Jessica + Matt

“Jos and his team were a pleasure to work with. Jos is brilliant and we were so happy with the pictures he took.”

9-5-2010: Matt + Jess

“JOS Photographers provided my wife and I with the best possible experience AND results. I have spent my career working in the design/fashion industry for one of the most well know and well respected brands in the world. I have art directed photo shoots with top photographers on Islands in the Caribbean to the streets of Rome, so when it came to choosing a photographer for our wedding… I demanded the best.

First of all, Jos’s portfolio was stunning! With a wedding photographer you need someone who is technically cable to capture a variety of shots. Equally important is someone who can have the vision to thread together a holistic “visual” story of your wedding. Lastly, the most crucial quality I was looking for is a rare, intangible ability to authentically draw out human emotion within his work.

From the pre-wedding planning, to the post wedding delivery of our photos Jos was always very thoughtful and we knew this was one component of our wedding that we didn’t need to stress about. If you go to his site (www.JOSphotographers.com) and click on “Moments”, you can view the work JOS Photographers did for our wedding.”  Featured on the ultimate wedding blog Style Me Pretty.

5-15-2010: Brad + Vicky

My wife only cared about one detail for our wedding: JOS.

We had the good fortune to meet Jos at our close friends’ wedding in Portland. He instantaneously left an indelible impression on both of us. He exudes this incredible larger than life energy (in his iconic hat), fueled by his passion for capturing some of the most incredible moments of people’s lives.

We flew out Josh and his wonderful partner, Tree, to our wedding in Scottsdale. We invited them to our rehearsal dinner as our guests — although we had only met once in person, and spoke a few times by phone, we felt as if they were a part of our family. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these amazing and inspiring individuals.

Our album arrived last week, and confirmed that having Jos at our wedding was simply the best decision we had made. We cannot stop looking through the album, page by page, chronicling the most monumental weekend of our lives. He captured our joy, our family’s emotion, and the overall spirit of our wedding weekend.

We are forever indebted to Jos for his enthusiasm, vivaciousness, and artistry.

7-25-2009: Megan + Justin

Jos is an amazing photographer! Not only is he incredibly talented but he’s an absolute delight to work with. He radiates positive energy that is calming, wonderful and traslates to his work. He captures moments rather than images, that portray the beauty and emotion of your special day. Our album is a work of art that we will cherish forever. I would highly recommend him to any bride.

4-18-2009: Natalie + Scot

My husband and I got married in the spring of 2009. After our first meeting with Jos we knew we had found our photographer. Jos was so wonderful to work with! For us it was really important that we found someone we could be ourselves around and someone who brought the best out of us. We were most impressed that he was able to work so well with our HUGE family! Looking back at our photos we can honestly say there wasn’t a moment that wasn’t caught on film. Thank you again for turning our wedding into beautiful pieces of art!

8-09-2008: Jazz + Alex – Oregon & France Wedding

“Jos! You did an amazing job!!! Thank you again for your tremendous and thoughtful work.”

8-01-2009: Kati + Kyle

“Jos did a great job of blending into the scene at our wedding. He captured photos of our guests, family and us when we didn’t even know he was taking them. Those are our favorite photos. He captured the REAL moments and not the staged/posed ones. He was very friendly, easy going, professional and creative. In our Lifestyle shoot, we were both nervous. It felt funny being in front of a camera like that but Jos did a great job of warming us up. He seemed to really care about our story and how we met, and once we started talking about it we weren’t so nervous and just had fun with it.”

7-30-2008: Leah + Ross

“Jos is a master of photography; his work epitomizes photojournalism in the sense that each frame tells a story and captures a moment. Jos’s work speaks for itself but as a personal testimony to his character he is just as wonderful as the pictures he takes. I have known Jos since 2006 and his work is continually evolving, he is truly a trend setter with his style and technique. During my engagement session with Jos the weather was in the mid 90’s, very humid, occasionally rainy with even some thunder and lightning. My hair was flat my fiancée and I were sweating and the pictures turned out absolutely fantastic. It was at that time I knew Jos had magical photography powers. 🙂 Jos comes with my stamp of approval and I highly recommend him to anyone. I felt assured having Jos as my photographer because I knew that the things that were out of my control (i.e. the weather) would not prohibit him from taking outstanding, jaw dropping photos.”

9-09-2006: Holly + Lynn

“When I look back at my wedding pictures, I think how incredibly blessed I was to find the love of my life and my photographer and friend Jos Smith. I have worked in customer service industry for 14 years and I feel that Jos invest time to develop a relationship with you that goes above and beyond the scope of his job. So when it came to our wedding day I had no doubt in my mind that he would capture all the moments, down to each detail, and personalize it based off what he learned about us. Jos contributed to our memorable day by looking for photo opportunities that would latter be treasured priceless pictures that we often reflect back on. Jos is fearless in his pursuit to get the most artistic angle and is always prepared to get that candid moment that you end up thinking to yourself “how did he get that picture?” Jos is more than an artistic genius, he has become a family friend. He has been our family photographer for the last 5 years and did both of my sisters weddings as well. Most recently my older sister’s wedding on June 30th. Jos creates an experience, a friendship, and pieces of art that I will adore the rest of my life. Thank you for a beautiful wedding album that every time I look through it I think ‘that is my favorite love story’.”

Suzanne + Ed Kroll

“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to have JOS as our wedding photographer.  JOS didn’t just take pictures, he captured moments, some of which we take for granted or don’t even realize are happening around us.  The look in your eyes when your new husband whispers he loves you in your ear, or the quick glance and smile you give him from across the room become frozen in time, pieces of memories and moments that would otherwise pass us by.  A wedding that takes a year to plan is gone in a blink of the eye, but our photos will last a lifetime.Our wedding day came and went like a whirlwind. My husband and I laughed that we were there, and had a great time, but neither of us had any idea what had actually happened at our wedding. We trusted Jos to tell our story, and he did just that. Love and life are a series of wonderful, blissful, moments and Jos’ specialty is capturing just that…moments. He turned moments into memories and really captured the true emotion of the day. From first sight in my wedding gown, to my father holding back tears, right down to my husband and I laughing as I stepped on his foot during our first dance. To be able to look at a photo and not only see but feel the love between two people…that takes a talented photographer. Fifty or sixty years from now we’ll still be able to look back on that day and each photo will bring a rush of emotion.  Our wedding album has become one of our most valuable possessions.  The most consistent comment we get regarding our wedding photos is how happy and in love we look.  I always smile and say you can’t fake a moment.  Life keeps moving, but JOS made it stop for one day, just for us.  If you want more than just pictures of you wedding, I would highly recommend JOS Photographers.”

Nikki + Thomas Brenneke

“I really can’t thank you enough for the photographs.  They are better than we ever imagined.  Jos, you have an amazing talent.  We can’t stop looking at them.  The signature book is perfect.  We love how it all came together.  We really enjoyed our time with you and would love to work with you again.  Thank you for everything!”

Melissa + Ryan

“Jos is an amazing photographer. His work is really better described as “a work of art”. JOS Photographers are the best. Creative genius coupled with a great sense of surrounding, vibe and emotion of any event or non-event for that matter. Our Lifestyle shots and Wedding were fantastic and JOS and team took extra time to really understand what we cared about capturing and really made it come to life. I feel like our album is an object of art and something that will allow us to always remember the day, time in our lives etc… as it was, candid and real. Thanks!”

Becky Michael

“JOS is the most amazing photographer!!! My mom was drawn to a photo he had in Portland magazine, called me immediately to look at his pictures online and before I even met him, knew I wanted to have him photograph my wedding. As a bonus to his extreme talent he is also a really sweet guy! He cares a lot about the quality of his work and delivering something his client will be over the moon about. Friends who were at our wedding are already looking to book him for theirs and they don’t even live in Oregon. I would HIGHLY recommend him as the photographer you want for any special occasion where you’re looking to capture the moment. Not only will he capture the essence of it but he will bring out the best in you while doing so.”

“You guys are incredible.  I cannot tell you how wonderful you are to put this custom album together for my Mom.  I am sitting at home alone tonight looking back over the book, crying in awe of your talent and generosity.  You were such a part of our family right from the get-go and added so much to our wedding.”

Barry Raber

Jos. I have been admiring your pictures on Facebook for over 5 years. They are truly remarkable. You are the Tiger Woods of your field. Seriously.

Barry Raber