Fearless Photographer - Tree WoodSmith in Venice Italy

I’m a photographer, stylist, hat designer and organizer. But most of all I’m a lover of life. Having the honor to photograph people in love is such a magical time. I love pretty things! I am extremely attracted to the aesthetics and design of almost everything. It is the way my mind works. I have found myself drawn into the detail aspect of photography. I am also a hat designer and I know it really helps with the creative eye necessary in capturing images that have more to them than just an object or person. I can’t help the stylist that comes out of me when we go out on a shoot. I’m also keen to capture emotion which goes to the heart of my photography. I’m honored to be among the top 100 Fearless Photographers of 2019.

When we were married on June 23rd 2012 in Ojai California we were filled with boundless love, adoration, and inspiration. The experience at our wedding went beyond our imaginations and gave us an even more in depth understanding of the wedding experience. Enjoy this beautiful glimpse into our own wedding by Moetic Wedding Films.