Fearless Photographer Jos WoodSmith with JOS studios

I have wonderful parents and grandparents who have been married over 62 years, three siblings and a whole lot of cousins spread throughout the west coast to the east coast. From them I got the sense of family love that it takes to immerse oneself and become one with a wedding. I’m inspired by people who are on purpose, in love with life and believe life at its core is a great comedy. As a Destination Wedding Photographer I’ve been fortunate to have photographed over 600 weddings and lifestyle shoots all over the globe including Canada, Washington, Oregon, California (Palm Springs, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sonoma, Santa Barbara, Orange County, Humboldt), Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Rochester, New York, New Orleans, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Wisconsin, Vermont, Honolulu, Hawaii, Kauai, Mexico, Belize, Vienna, Austria, Florence, Venice, Sicily, Italy, Tuscany, Rome, Paris, and Normandy France, Germany, Buenos Aires Argentina, and Uruguay. While studying communication and fine art at the University of Oregon, just south of Portland, I learned that connecting people with stories and photography was my life long passion. I feel honored to be among the TOP 50 Fearless Photographers in the world.

When we were married on June 23rd 2012 in Ojai California we were filled with boundless love, adoration, and inspiration. The experience at our wedding went beyond our imaginations and gave us an even more in depth understanding of the wedding experience. Enjoy this beautiful glimpse into our own wedding by Moetic Wedding Films.