Love, light, laughter… what more do you need on your wedding day!  Taylor and Daniel’s wedding beautifully flowed so natural, true, and free… Remarkably contagious to everyone involved. It was one of those magical summer days where time seems to stop and the entire day feels like an ever present dream. Golden light everywhere. Bright eyes. Laughter. Tears. Endless dancing into the night!  So so many great moments from this experience to share in gorgeous Humboldt, California.

Photographers: JOS studios  | Venue: Beginnings
Wedding Coordinator: Kristina Suarez 707-223-5610 | Catering: Barbeque To You (Moses Danzer)
Daniel and Taylor grew and made their salad and some side dishes (with assorted help) and the rest was potluck from the community
Flowers: A number of people in the community donated from their gardens. Taylor also grew a number of flowers
Cake: Personal Friend

4 thoughts on “Taylor + Daniel

  1. I noticed your wedding photo’s on a friends Face Book as it was a local wedding…but I had a feeling I had seen this Art before!! Yes, I have appreciated your photography from afar and am happy to see you made Humboldt Ca a part of your journey. Peace

  2. Thank you Maryellen, Taylor and Daniel are so happy and free flowing. Our passion to capture their story kept growing with energy more and more as the day unfolded. Their energy gave us such great energy to go the extra mile. We love this community of beautiful people! And so many more photos to come! JOS+TREE

  3. Wow!!!! Jos and Tree these are absolutely stunning!! You do incredible work with such great energy and enthusiasm! Thank you!

    1. Thank you Rebe, its so great when the emotion of the day lights up, it gives us extra energy to go the extra mile and that is when the magic shows up. Lots of hard work but always thrilling.

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