When Tree and I met Faye and David over Skype we immediately fell in love with their charming affection for one another and life itself. When you hear them speak you can feel the love in the texture of their voices and see such genuine meaning in their gestures that communicate a true sensitivity about their “love for life.” Our journey to Paris for their love shoot and wedding in Normandie was the beginning of one of the most meaningful adventures in our career, and Faye and David were like two poets in love wandering through one of the most romantic cities of the world. And yet even though Paris is truly one of the most lovely places what we discovered about Faye and David was their inner world for one another was something only all the colors of the world could describe. The melody these two shares are music that invisibly wraps around you and makes you want to laugh, love, and freely give. Their love is enormously infectious and Paris is the perfect place for their new home together. Their happiness is so beautiful.

Photographers: JOS studios | Restaurants: Brasserie de L’Isle Saint LouisLe Progres | Sites: Luxembourg Gardens, Sacre Ceur, Arch de Triomphe, Notre Dam de Paris | Transportation: Paris Metro

Be sure to checkout their wedding in the heart of Normandie at Chatea de Blavou.

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