EVOLVE is for wedding photographers who want to dive in deep and take their professional photography skills and personal growth to the next level. We will give you everything we’ve learned over the past 10+ years and invite you to examine everything you do (and don’t do). There will be round table discussions where everyone can discuss how they aren’t afraid to fail, share the best of the best insights/tips/tricks, conversations about life, weddings, work, business, and more. Most importantly, there will be lots of hands-on challenges with quality time to practice skills and refine perspectives. We may be faster alone but we are stronger together!

Jos and Tree are honored to be amabassadors for photography brands that help take their craft to the next level. They are ambassadors for MagMod, some of the best light shaping tools on the planet, Holdfast Gear that equips photographers to tell better stories, and SLR Lounge who are some of the best photography trainers in the world.

Jos and Tree are conference speakers, contest judges, workshop trainers, and among the top award-winning wedding photographers in the world. With over 15 years of experience documenting weddings, they are facilitating a powerful moment in time for photographers to EVOLVE their craft.

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You will learn –

the mental game: mastering creative focus and maximizing a marathon shoot
creative catalysts:
 25 innovative devices used to revolutionize compositions and see dramatic light and shadow
mastering difficult light: making magic happen amidst the madness of miserable light
the silver bullet of OCF: shaping dramatic light using all the MagMod tools during photojournalistic moments and creative portraits
high-performance teamwork: 10 no-nonsense teamwork strategies and a powerful lighting sign language that helps capture insane photos without going insane
experiential portraiture: welcoming couples into diverse experiences that provoke playful and emotional expressions
personal optimization: expanding your personal power potential
life-liberating systems: strategic workflow structures that create work-life balance
compelling communication: the cosmic hat of creating client connection
constructive critique: honest image evaluations that will polish your perspective and portfolio
community support: networking with like-minded photographers who will continue to challenge and assist you
*one-hour consultation: sign up and begin with a one-on-one video consultation with Jos and Tree before the workshop
* extra bonus! – business coaching with Dave Moss: a one-day intensive based on creating good habits, and processes in your business, with an emphasis on album sales, end-to-end Client Workflow, Sales and Marketing, with some live coaching people through their individual issues

Dave Moss is a Wedding Photographer and Business and Life-Design Coach from Calgary, Canada. You probably are pretty familiar with that first job title, but the second one can be a bit of a mystery, that’s ok, to sum it up, he helps creative entrepreneurs (that’s you) make more money, have better systems, and live the life they want. He’s also a Business Ambassador for the SLR Lounge and speaks at workshops and conferences all around the world when not hiking with his wife Abigail and dog Bowen, or drinking something (usually coffee, whisky, or beer in that order).

What you can expect
In the one-day business workshop, you can expect to learn the following things.
– How to identify your ideal client (this makes marketing and branding way easier).
– Quick Fixes for your SEO
– Fast Homepage Critiques to attract your Ideal Clients
– How to create better channels of communication with your clients to save you headaches.
– How to turn more inquiries into meetings, and meetings into sales.
– How to build systems to improve productivity and give you back free time.
– How to increase your overall revenue from every wedding by selling prints and albums.
– How to price appropriately to get the clients you want.
Marketing, Your Numbers, and More
– Why multiple marketing streams are important, and how to have them without a lot of effort.
– How to understand your numbers, so you can make more and spend less.
– Live business coaching to help you through the road-blocks in your business.

I don’t believe in secrets, I’ll crack open my entire business model and share everything with you to help you succeed. I’ve got 11 years of running a 6-figure business to share with you, to help you create the best business possible without having to work 80 hours a week

We can’t wait to meet you!

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