Will you Skype with us?

We enjoy face to face communication and love to skype from anywhere in the world. We have many ideas to share and love to listen. Contact us to setup a Skype session and obtain our Skype ID. We love phone calls too: 8 0 0 . J O S . 1 2 3 2.  Or if you prefer to email we will respond very quickly: info@josstudios.com.

What is your style?

Our keen eyes are on the constant search for creative composition, lighting, and emotion that reflect the heart of the human spirit. A big part of our effort is to simply allow you to experience your wedding day as it naturally unfolds while we creatively document the emotions and actions without you knowing we are there. We also pour huge amounts of of passion into capturing creative portraits of you when the time is right. We invite you to connect in the best light possible while we fully explore creative angles, dynamic lines, shadows, shapes, reflections with unusual and experimental ideas. We believe this style tells a story and stands the test of time. You will want to make albums and hang these works of art in your home. This style is an investment and will be valued for the rest of your lives.

Machu Picchu Engagement Photo

Bride and Groom on Belvedere looking out over Ravello from Villa Cimbrone along Amalfi Coast Italy

Bride and Groom creatively lit with color gels in Bend Oregon

How long have you been shooting photography?

Jos started studying and shooting photography in highschool. He photographed downhill ski racing and quickly learned how to manage intense light variations and composition.  When he visited Europe for the first time in the 90’s he quickly identified with the romance of architecture and portraiture. For 9 years JOS was a professional communication consulting at Extreme Arts & Sciences. Wedding and lifestyle photography was the perfect “marriage” of experience, knowledge, and skill. In 2004 JOS decided to specialize full time in professional wedding and lifestyle photography and hasn’t stopped. Tree joined JOS in 2008 and has shot at every wedding since.

How many wedding do you shoot each year?

We limit the number of weddings we shoot each year to 25 to build authentic relationships and quality time for proper editing and creative design. This allows us to dive deep into each wedding we photograph by fully immersing ourselves with in entire experience.

What’s your shooting approach?

We invite people to fall in love all over again. We believe each shoot can be a profound experience. Setting this intention invites our clients to adventure into the true expression of who they are and beyond. We meditate about the creativity and potential connections between our subjects and bring ideas and charisma to each shoot.

Will you travel to my destination wedding?

We are versatile destination wedding photographers and are constantly inspired by new places. Our national and international destination experiences include travel and lodging. Inquire with us for specifics on the Contact form on our website.  We are happy to provide you with a detailed proposal once we learn about the size and dynamic of your wedding.

Bride and Groom getting ready at Villa de Grazi in Umbria Italy - Fearless photographers award and ISPWP award

What are the pros and cons to planning a destination wedding?

Destination weddings have grown from 5% of the market in 2000 to 20% of the market today from the 2.2 million US weddings each year.

Destination weddings are actually cost-effective. They can be extremely unique. If you pick a good spot you really don’t have to do much to make it look good, they often have built in themes. While destination weddings mean less people attend, it also means your guests will spend more time with you over multiple days and those who attend are most likely the closest people to you. Many destination wedding locations also offer free planning.

Planning can be tricky over the phone, however Skype can work well if you find a photographer and planner who is willing to take the time to create a clear vision and customize things exactly the way you want.

How can we afford flying you out to our destination wedding?

Most of our destination wedding collections include travel. We book all of our own flights and rental car (if needed). We are expert researchers and always look for the best deals. Many of our couples create a “photography registry” for their guests to contribute as a gift to the wedding photography. This is a great solution to help couples get the best photography possible. Checkout Gively.

Also, many of our couples make good use of their extra frequent flier miles to get us to their destination wedding! One of the best “wedding gift” ideas is for family members or friends to offer extra frequent flier miles to transport us to the destination wedding. We make special notes in the finished wedding album about who gave the “gift” making the photography possible. Contributing to the photography is an extremely meaningful gift!

Belize Wedding Couple on Catamarans in Portofino Beach Resort

Can we talk to your past clients and get a feel for their experience with you?

Certainly. We are happy to provide you with a number of recent clients who are willing to share their experience.  Be sure to read the Kind Words our past clients have shared with us. Also checkout what our clients are saying about us on The Knot.

Why is good photography more important than a lot of products?

Profound imagery reinforced by a meaningful experience with your photographer during your lifestyle shoot and wedding day is top priority over having more products which can be bought later.

Emotional Grandfather with Bride award winning photo

How do you approach lifestyle engagement sessions?  What do they entail?

Engagement life-style shoot are an elaborate experience! JOS and his team will capture the full personality of your relationship using an exquisite blend of creative photojournalism, portraiture, architectural, and abstract photography.  This style is timeless, carries rich emotion and stands the test of time.  JOS will explore the intimate connection in your relationship while also capturing details. The session is a dynamic interaction between the “life-style” of you and JOS, and a commitment of an afternoon and evening, including dinner.  The afternoon lifestyle shoot involves a full exploration of natural light and backdrops while the evening shoot explores our mobile studio lighting for a diverse set of creatively lit shots.  This is a great time for developing a chemistry which establishes a great foundation for a natural feel for the wedding day. This is a very exciting and meaningful session that produces JOS’ signature results.  Bring a variety of outfits.

Engagement Photo on a Boat from high above - Fearless Photographers Award

Engagement Photo of couple running up hill silhouetted at Timberline Lodge

Epic engagement photo of couple at warming hut at Ski Bowl on Mt Hood Engagement portrait of couple on sail boat at sunset with silhouettes

Engagement portrait of couple at sunset with Mt Hood in distance

Why is a bridal consultant so important?

It’s paramount.  Don’t sacrifice your dreams trying to plan everything alone, or putting that weight on someone close. Instead of your engagement being a stressful time, make it an exciting period you will treasure by using an exceptional wedding planner. Make your experience joyous, beautiful and free so you can focus on what is most important instead of worrying about the details. We have select wedding planners we strongly recommend.  Inquire with us about their contact information.

Bride writing vows through intimate view of window

How do you manage family shots? Do you direct setup shots?

While our style is predominantly organic we respect our clients wishes and are happy to provide select setup photos of family and friends. However don’t be surprised to find out our group photos are much more natural and expressive than traditionally posed images. We recognize compositional opportunities while setting up shots.  Creatively placing people in the right light, backdrop, spacing, and gesture can be very powerful.  Today the term “posing” carries a contrived and awkward or fake connotation (which we avoid at all costs); we find ways to lead people into natural, attractive and well placed spaces for unique, fresh and fun compositions.  Explore with us, the creative opportunities are endless. Our primary aim is to capture emotion and real moments. We love the “unplugged wedding ceremony” concept where minimal phones and cameras are distracting the guests from being “present” to the two getting married. We love images like this where you can see everyones reaction.

Family Love during Ceremony - ISPWP award winning photo

How do you creatively capture our bridal party?

We are constantly looking for real moments, creative composition and lighting. We love images that tell real stories and make the best art.

Extremely Creative Bridal Party Photo of 2 men being thrown into the sky at sunset - Fearless Photographers Award

Timberline Wedding Photo of Bridal Party infront of Lodge

What kind of cameras do you use?

Our preferred camera is Canon. We use the finest equipment on the market.  As a principal photographers we prefer to shoot with 2 cameras at all times and in some cases even 3 or 4 cameras.  At minimum we shoot with 2 cameras secured on both sides of the waist ready for any spontaneous moment. These extra cameras also serve as backups at the wedding in case our primary cameras fail.  This is a key technical question to ask when deciding who will be your photographer. We only get one chance at a shoot! We come prepared!

What lenses do you use?

The depth of our images comes from a ton of passion to seek out the most creative composition, lighting, and emotion. Each of us primarily shoot with our 2 favorite prime lenses, one on each camera. These “prime” lenses are fast and help us shoot in “low lit” situations to capture the sharpest images possible. However we have in our bags about 8 different lenses. We want to be prepared for any situation that will demand that epic perspective to help us capture the full dimension of your story.

How do you creatively light your subjects?

We are obsessed with all forms of light and know how to effectively reflect it and shape it. We work in teams to help manage and create the best light possible!

Our off camera mobile studio lighting (both canon and profoto lights) is crucial for casting creative light. We rarely go on a shoot without our mobile lighting. Knowing how to use mobile studio lighting quickly and effectively separates amateurs from professionals. These lights are shot sometimes alone, bounce off reflectors, through soft boxes, beauty dishes, and sometimes obscure objects and things we find in the moment. We also carry 4 different video lights to help light up those moody night shots along with textured shadow lighting tools.

Bride and Groom laughing over candle light atop Mt. Hood at Silcox Hut

Groomsmen in exquisite light - award winning photo ISPWP

Are you a member of a professional photography organization?

We are constantly seeking to learn and grow. We are members of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, Fearless Photographers, Junebug Weddings (Worlds Best Wedding Photographers) and WPPI. We regularly attend conferences every year to research the best products and learn from other professional photographers.

Who are the associate photographers who work with you?

We have strong working relationships with many of the finest associate and principal photographers locally and across the globe. We are happy to provide you with their sample work and introduce you prior to your shoot.

What is your editing process?

Editing involves four phases:

1. Shooting: the creative process of taking the original capture
2. Selecting: narrowing down the large collection of images into the best images
3. Color Correction: adjusting images to the best exposure and color
4. Fine Art Design: taking images through an extensive touch-up process while keeping it real

What does the “stylized” collection of images mean?

These are the “best of the best” story telling images from our point of view.  They are rich with emotion, well composed, illustrate creative light, depth and clarity. We stylize this select set of images using the most appropriate effects while keeping it real.

What is involved in the fine art design process?

Fine art design is the extensive process of preparing special photos for fine art print. We believe it’s eminent to give images depth, allow characters to shine and remain true to the story. We “design” these images which means we give them artistic depth through true color correction, healing blemishes, cropping, straightening, converting to b&w, softening, sharpening, texturizing, and more.  Subtlety is our preference. This process requires a special artistic eye and demands extra time. Extra fees are involved for this commitment of time and skill. The results are extraordinary all the while keeping it real.

Extremely creative bridal portrait in subtle fog inside stylized home

On average how many images do you shoot?   How many do we get?

We shoot on average about 8-16 thousand + of photos for a 8-12 hr wedding (depending on wedding size), and edit them down to approximately 600-900 wedding images, and approximately 50 lifestyle images depending on the coverage given.

When will our photos be live on the gallery?

We take extra time to select and stylize your images with “excellence” as as our priority over immediacy.  A stunning highlight of your wedding will be provided to you shortly after your wedding and the full collection will be provided to you 8 – 12 weeks following your wedding (depending on the seasons demand).

Wedding Cake

Will we have ownership to the digital negatives?

In addition to your interactive website gallery, we will give you digital negatives when your album is delivered. We are constantly working to give the very best touches to your album images and deliver those exact finished images up to the time of delivering your album. All of the digital negatives are beautifully color & exposure corrected images on a custom JOS Flash Drive. We include a special collection of our Favorite images too. If you are looking to print large fine art wall art our team can help prepare those special fine art photographs as a separate project.

Flash Drive with High Resolution Images by JOS studios

Engagement Portrait in Siena Italy

What professional on-line gallery service to you use to host your clients images?

We trust ShootProof to provide the highest quality professional products and prints to all of our clients. We pay ShootProof to provide a very professional quality guaranteed representation of our work.  This comes with more cost than your drug store prints, yet we know from experience the real cost often comes from poor print quality and subsequent lost time and frustration. ShootProof guarantees 100% quality results, a variety of products, and delivers products to our clients door step.  And they have exceptional customer service.  Just give them a ring and find out how they treat you. That’s priceless!

How do you backup our wedding photos? Are you insured?

Immediately following every shoot we backup all original captures in 3 separate systems including the most advanced RAID 5 Drobo, Drobo Fs, off-site, and firesafe security. We are insured with The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. recently celebrating 200 years in service. We are covered up to $1M liability per occurrence and $2M for each year.