Jos and Tree's Ojai Wedding watching Same Day Edit by Moetic

This is our updated JOURNAL (aka blog). Check back in with us frequently. We will do our best to keep you up to date about our adventures and discoveries, old and new.

As always there is much to learn and share. We believe in quality over quantity, know that we are revising, re-imagining, and polishing our posts. In a world where we are moving faster and faster for what’s next we are also captivated by what is real and timeless. We aim for authentic/timeless/artistic imagery, and your feedback is valuable to us on our path towards excellence. We’ve been lucky to shoot SO many unforgettable experiences and we have much to share.

We resonate with the famous words “life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” And… we believe the quality of each breath we take can surprisingly slow down time and keep us present within each moment we live. We’ve been very fortunate to witness many defining moments through our lenses, and we are humbled to put down the camera and look at you directly in the eye and smile and say, “thank you!” It’s been a real journey to be part of such loving circles of family and friends. In this space we look forward to sharing any and all thoughts and reflections about creative ideas we see in order to help spark ideas for you. Know that we want nothing but the very finest experience, story, and images for everyone. Life is precious and the balance of moving forward with courage, comedy, and reverence is a great way to live. My bright star, and wife, Tree is a true inspiration in my life and I owe much thanks to her zest and charisma. She is indeed a humming bird who brings good luck to each day of my life!

The image here is a great moment from our own wedding (shot by Julianna Patrick) enjoying our “same-day-edit” film by Moetic.

Cheers to all of you!

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