May 2018

B & H interview Jos & Tree about Documentary Wedding Photography

Jos and Tree Marie Woodsmith, of Portland, Oregon-based Jos Studios, ensure a trusting relationship by meeting with the couple—in person or via Skype—multiple times prior to the wedding. “We listen, and we ask a lot of questions,” says Tree, “and let our couples know that the better we know them, the more we can identify what to look for when shooting the wedding. They inherently trust us because they know we care.”

December 2018

Huffington Post’s 30 Favorite wedding photos

The Huffington Post selected one of our photos in their favorite top 30 wedding photos from around the world. These images were selected from Fearless Photographers latest collection of award-winning images.


October 2018

JOS studios – Judges for ISPWP Fall 2018 Contest

Tree and Jos were graciously invited by Joe Milton, founder of ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers), to judge the Fall 2018 contest.

December 2018

Fearless Features JOS studios

Excited to see 2 of our photos in these collections of “Right On!” photos by Fearless Photographers put together by Huy Nguyen, Founder and President of Fearless Photographers. Check out all 3 parts. Trees emotional capture of a small girl hugging photo (part 1) and Jos’ creatively lit groomsmen photo (part 3). Great to observe and learn from all these good photos.

April 2018

Holdfast Gear Features TREE & JOS

It goes without saying that a lot goes into capturing the ‘perfect’ shot. Everything from lighting to environment to cooperation from the subject you’re shooting are all factors in crystallizing those timeless moments that pass all too quickly. But before the composition and the lighting come into play, your gear has to work, or all that time and effort spent setting up the ideal shot will go to waste. Tree & Jos of JOS Studios and their commercial brand Wood + Smith know how vital it is to have the right gear.