When we first met Kirstin and Chris it was at the TWO MANN Alumni Retreat in Bali with 35 world-class professional photographers. They were nestled together hugging and laughing with everyone around them. Their gregarious vibe immediately drew us in and we found ourselves deep into stories and their quick hypnotic wit. We soon learned that Chris Sikorsky is a “Shreditor,” that translates to a “shooter, editor, and director” and has filmed thousands of video shoots and photographed hundreds of events for his business called SikPics. Kristin is the “Director of Client Delight” for SikPics which means she’s the business anchor behind it all with a strong work ethic and ‘get-er-done’ attitude. These two are quite the power team. Getting to know them in the context of Bali among a group of extraordinary photographers celebrating their love for life, business, and community was unforgettable. We were humbled to be asked to take them on an engagement adventure shoot through the rice fields and sacred temples of Bali. The experience felt like something outside of time. What better way to celebrate their engagement than by being adorned by the “joy” of Bali?

Location: just outside Ubud, Indonesia | Alumni Facilitators: TWO MANN studios | Retreat Venue: Pandawa Cliff Estate
Best Driver in Bali: Wayan Remey

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