Engagement photo in Paris France close up intimate

Caro + Ben Engagement - Love Shoot - Paris France

There’s an undeniable presence about Paris that invites anyone who visits to shift the way they think and feel. Robert Black says it so well, “Every second in Paris is art.” No need to necessarily see all the tourist sites. Take a simple stroll along the Seine river and mingle with some of the local Parisians. Wander along the back streets and stumble into spontaneous musicians or eavesdrop on great conversations at a nearby cafe. Walk. Breathe. Take time. Caro and Ben did just that. Love is beautiful.

Epic engagement photo of couple silhouetted against warming hut with Mt. Hood glowing in distance

Bereka & AJ Mt Hood - Ski Bowl - Love Shoot

Bereka and AJ met in Government Camp on Mt Hood and met skiing. They have inside connections up at Ski Bowl and were given special access to the slopes for a fun and adventurous day walking through the forest paths, hill sides, private lakes, and warming hut at Ski Bowl. It was one of those last sunny days in the Northwest where the warmth is still in the air with a hit of a cool Autumn edge. Our favorite time of year!

Epic engagement portrait of couple running silhouetted over sunset atop Mt Hood at Timberline Lodge

Emily & Jeremy Engagement Photos - Timberline - Timothy Lake - Portland

Emily and Jeremy are true adventurers and share an undeniable enthusiasm and love for life. We are convinced the color of the sky in these photos pretty much perfectly matches up the depth and love they share for each other, their friends, and family. Many of the things they own in their home are personally hand made; when it comes to photography they want it to match an original, pure, and intimate feeling that brings them back to their experiences. We love this about them and are extra inspired to find these moments between them. Enjoy this highlight collection from 3 different lifestyle engagement shoots with them.

Red pink sunset with silhouetted couple along black lava cliffs near Kona Hawaii

Rianne + Shandy Hawaii Wedding - Kona - Big Island

Rianne and Shandy plunged deep into a slice of heaven for their Hawaiian wedding celebration. Since we were spending several days with them we were easily able to become “one” with everything and everyone. From a fun underwater shoot at 2 step beach, walking along thick sand beaches, to an intimate hike along jet black lava cliffs near Kona Village. The light of Hawaiian sunsets invite the most dreamy feelings. Salty air, silky sand, ocean sounds, gardenia fragrances wafting everywhere. What better way to set the mood for your wedding? No wonder their wedding was so epic. Love it!

Beautiful French Couple in Paris looking out window reflection over Paris streets


When Tree and I met Faye and David over Skype we immediately fell in love with their charming affection for one another and life itself. When you hear them speak you can feel the love in the texture of their voices and see such genuine meaning in their gestures that communicate a true sensitivity about their “love for life.” Our journey to Paris for their love shoot and chateau wedding in Normandie was the beginning of one of the most meaningful adventures in our career, and Faye and David were like two poets in love wandering through one of the most romantic cities of the world.

Couple laughing with umbrella under vibrant Fall leaves just after getting engaged on Portland Waterfront

Ale + Julie Proposal - Portland Waterfront - Engagement

There is nothing like photographing a proposal. Butterflies are everywhere from the person proposing, the photographer(s), and of course the person being proposed to! When Ale asked us to capture his proposal to his girlfriend Julie we immediately started brainstorming ideas. After long discussions about “how” to shoot this without being seen and keeping it intimate Ale decided to do it outside along the Portland waterfront. The spaciousness of outside was the best location since there were less people, the dynamic of the rain and the Fall leaves were also still vibrant.

Sun flare photo of intimate couple just engaged


We are beyond thrilled for Jessica and Evan’s upcoming wedding this coming September 28th, 2014 at the Mt. Hood Organic Farms. Their love is so true; just being around them makes you want to smile and laugh larger than life. I remember the first time I met Jessica back in 2006 here in Portland; her sassy wit, fun loving heart, and gorgeous smile brought on something as bright as her fiery red hair…

Beautiful Kauai sky with crashing waves and couple holding hands

Jaide + Ryan Kauai Lifestyle Shoot

Jaide and Ryan enjoyed one of those paradise days on Kauai where everything feels just right. We followed them on a date exploring a jungle walk, running along the beach, climbing along the cliffs, looking out over the gorgeous turquoise waters, and a fun swim. Enjoying an intimate nap under coconut trees is not a bad way to spend the day with your lover.

Engagement Shoot - Maternity Photos - Sentinel Hotel - JOS studios 01

Trista + Adrien Sentinel Hotel - Engagement Maternity Shoot

When Trista and Andrien walked into our studio for the first time we found them smiling with an unforgettable glow. They embrace the inevitable “organic flow” of life so beautifully and we are thrilled to be their photographers. They are 3 years into their relationship, have 5 dogs and live on an acre.  Yes, they were […]